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Children's Shelter Update

Help for today...Hope for tomorrow

You have probably heard us use the phrase ‘Help for today and Hope for tomorrow’. This is our simple way of saying what we do at Bashor everyday through alternative education, residential services, foster care and community based services. In fact we have been providing ‘Help for today and Hope for tomorrow’ for children and youth for over 93 years we always knew these words were special to our mission but in 2015 the phrase took on a whole new meaning.

You probably remember seeing  the tragic news story in March of 2015 about Devin Borkowski, a teen runaway that was found dead in an abandoned home in Elkhart County.  The news shocked the community and it didn’t take long for the community to look to Bashor for answers and support.

The entire Bashor team was heartbroken over the situation. What could we have done to prevent this from happening, but more importantly, what could we do to make sure it didn’t happen again.  We knew something needed to be done, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

In true Bashor fashion, we immediately scheduled a planning meeting to discuss the idea of opening a shelter for runaways and homeless teens and in September 2015 the board approved a feasibility study for the shelter.

It took no time at all for the Board of Directors to determine that the community needed us and without any hesitation we decided to open a children’s shelter in the spring of 2016. With very little time we knew we needed all of the help we could get from the community, so on November 1, 2015  we held a press conference announcing the need for funds for the project. 

No one knew how the community would respond to our plea for funds and all we could do was wait...But we didn’t have to wait long!

Soon after the press conference, people began contacting us to help.  Donations big and small came in from old, and new friends of Bashor. Dozens of phone calls came in offering furniture and appliances. Volunteer groups and services clubs offered their support through work projects.   It was very clear that this was resonating with the community in a really BIG way.

On January 8, 2016 we held another press conference announcing that with the help of our generous community we reached our goal.

Now that we had the funds to open The Children’s Shelter, we needed to recruit and hire a strong and dedicated team to provide a safe, secure home.  Once again we saw an out pour of help from the community. Applications started coming in immediately after we announced our hiring push.   A highly qualified team of caring and compassionate folks were ready to make a difference in the lives of these children and teens.

In the upcoming weeks renovations and construction began and quickly The Children’s Shelter started looking like a home. 

On March 22, 2016 we held the official ribbon cutting ceremony announcing The Children’s Shelter at Bashor would open in April.  Before the doors even opened, referrals started coming in for teens that needed a emergency, temporary living. We knew there was a need for a shelter of this kind, but when the doors opened on April 4, 2105 we found out just how big of a need it really was for our community.

Since we opened the doors on we have had over 40 referrals and consistently 8 teens each night.

One thing I have always loved about Bashor, is the way we respond to the needs of our community. Part of the reason we are able to respond so quickly is because of the generous support of people like you. Thank you for your commitment to the Bashor mission and for all of the support you have shown us this year — and what a year it was! Because of you we have been able to truly provide Help for today and Hope for tomorrow to homeless teens and youth in the community.


To Make a Donation

Donations may be mailed to Bashor Children's Home, PO Box 843 Goshen, IN 46527 or online using Paypal above.

Ways to Give
There are several giving options available depending on your philanthropic goals and personal circumstances. If you have questions about how to make a gift, please contact our development office at 574-875-5117 or sriikonen@bashor.org.
  • Credit Card and Check
  • Buy A Brick Program
  • Honorary and Memorial Gifts
  • Matching Gifts
  • Planned Giving
  • Securities, IRA’s 401K’s, and similar retirement plans

Credit Card and Check Gifts

  • Online (Credit Card and Bank Account Withdrawals): Make a one time donation using our secure donation form.
  • Check: Send a check through the mail to: Bashor Children’s Home, PO Box 843, Goshen IN 46527.
  • Phone or E-mail: Call 574-875-5117 to speak with the Development Department or e-mail sriikonen@bashor.org.