Bashor Children's Home History

  • 1922: Bashor Children’s Home began as the Bashor Deaconess Orphanage for boys on land donated to the Methodist Episcopal Church by John and Emaline Bashor.
  • 1945: The Orphanage was closed during WWII.
  • 1950: The Orphanage reopened after WWII.
  • 1969 – 1970: Bashor became evolved from traditional orphanage to a provider of professional residential treatment services.
  • 1971: Completed construction of four residential cottages and an administration building.
  • 1974: Began admitting girls into residential care.
  • 1977: Established the Emergency Shelter Care program for boys and girls.
  • 1981: Completed construction of the Bergwall school and activities center.
  • 1987: Began Bashor Alternative School (BAS) for community children.
  • 1988: Added three class rooms and office space to Bergwall School.
  • 1989: Began first of its kind collaborative partnership with Oaklawn Mental Health Center.
  • 1996: Began HOPE residential program, for younger boys (ages 8-13) in cooperation with Oaklawn and Holy Cross.
  • 1997: Completed construction of the Lung/Stull Complex, including a secure residential unit, classrooms, group rooms and office space.
  • 1998: Established a residential substance abuse treatment program for adolescents.
  • 1999: Established (SHARE) full education services / on grounds school for residential children.
  • 2001: Completed major campus-wide improvement project including complete renovation of the residential cottages, new roads and remodeling former maintenance garage for classroom and office space, expanded recreational facilities including The Pekarek Adventures Course, a softball diamond and a soccer field.
  • 2004: Established Bashor Elementary Education Program (BEEP) in cooperation with area school districts.
  • 2005: Established Therapeutic Foster Care program.
  • 2007: Competed construction of Community Resource Center, including classrooms, media center, computer lab, science lab, kitchen, dining hall and office space.
  • 2008: Opened on grounds medical clinic.
  • 2009: Mental Health of America joined Bashor’s family of services and Community Based Services Department was created including Trans-parenting and Seasons services.
  • 2009: Began providing Teen Court and Stop Lifting community based prevention services. 
  • 2011: Established Bashor Alternative School Elkhart (BASE) program in cooperation with the Elkhart Community Schools to work with elementary children in their Elkhart neighborhood.
  • 2011: Began providing Guided Family Intervention Program (GFIP) counseling community based counseling services
  • 2015: Became an accredited /designated Youth Services Bureau Agency.
  • 2016: Opened Children’s Shelter facility