Spiritual/Church Services
Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Services

Since 1923 Bashor Children's Home has been dedicated to serving children through the tradition of the United Methodist Church. Bashor is currently a mission project for all Methodist churches in the State of Indiana.  The participation of these churches ranges from financial support to help fund our chaplain position to being an adopt a cottage church where the congregation will pray for the children we serve on a regular basis.  Churches also help our children by purchasing Christmas presents over the holidays or by sending a special birthday wish on that special day. 

Prayer Support

Bashor Children's Home believes in prayer! We believe prayer is foundational to healing and relating to God and we believe prayer works! We strongly encourage congregations to "adopt" cottages to pray for on a weekly basis. We believe that the prayer support of the wider Christian community is a tremendous asset toward changing the lives of the Children God has entrusted to us. If your church would be interested in learning more about our 'Adopt a Cottage' program please contact Steve Riikonen at 574-875-5117 or e-mail him at sriikonen@bashor.org.


Weekly Groups

Spiritual life groups are held with each program at least once a week with each program. Spiritual life programming, particularly groups, is aimed at helping our residents find healing through their spiritual development and personal connection to God. As a faith based agency we do not force residents to do spiritual life programming, but believe that it is fundamental to healing and becoming a whole person. For more information on spiritual life groups or to ask questions about specific subject matter each program is covering on any given week please email Steve Riikonen at sriikonen@bashor.org

Counseling/Support Services

Bashor employs a full time chaplain to meet the spiritual needs of the residents, their families and our staff. We provide pastoral counseling as a part of our holistic services. We also provide pastoral counseling referrals within the community to help support families.


For More information contact:

Dan Wolschlager
Chaplain Spiritual Services

574-875-5117 or dwolschlater@bashor.org