PAC-Pekarek Adventure Course
PAC-Pekarek Adventure Course

Bashor Children's Home is a residential treatment facility offering help for today and hope for tomorrow to abused, neglected and troubled young people throughout the State of Indiana.

The Pekarek Adventure Challenge course was built in memory of Joseph R. Pekarek by the Thomas family of Elkhart.  This gift was in memory of a devoted husband, father, brother, and son-in-law and is a celebration of Pekarek's dedication to young people and his love for outdoor activities.

The PAC course has become an important therapeutic recreation tool for all of the programs at Bashor and was designed to be shared with churches, youth groups, schools, businesses and civic organizations.

Looking for more team confidence?

Team Cooperation?

Or are you looking for your team to really trust each other?

Let them come succeed on our high and low elements.  Begin the day by learning ground initiatives like Key Punch, Zip Zap, and Comfort Circles


Program Mission

The mission of the Pekarek Adventure Challenge course at Bashor Children's Home is to provide exciting, experiential opportunities that focus on developing and strengthening relationships, leadership skills, teamwork, individual awareness, problem solving, communication skills and self esteem.  This is accomplished in a supportive, non-competitive environment which emphasizes effort rather than performance

Participants are engaged in a "Challenge of Choice" Where a willingness to try is the only criteria for success.

Planning Your PAC Visit 

Contact Sarah Sark in the Recreation Department at Bashor Children's Home.  She will talk with you about your group's goals and objectives, then help you design an exciting and challenging retreat.

Once the details have been established, we will send you a contract and questionnaire.  This will include a schedule of activities specifically designed to meet your group's team-building needs.

Sign and return all paperwork along with a reservation deposit.

Come prepared for a challenging and exciting day.

For more information contact:

Sarah Sark
Director of Recreation and PAC

574-875-5117 or ssark@bashor.org