Wellness Plan
Wellness Plan

Bashor Wellness Plan


 Bashor Children’s Home embraces a holistic approach to caring for children. We support the health and well-being of youth by promoting healthy life styles including physical health, mental health, education, and spiritual development through our organization wide efforts.  Our holistic approach promotes, supports, and models healthy behaviors and habits. It encourages youth and families to adopt life-long healthy living habits.


The Wellness Committee facilitates and coordinates these efforts. As part of their role, the committee helps to ensure that Bashor meets the National School Lunch Program and U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional requirements by assisting in the development and monitoring of our “School Wellness Policy”.


The Wellness Committee will engage administrators, department supervisors, teachers, food service professionals, health professionals, youth and parents in developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing our Wellness Plan which includes our School Wellness Policy. 


The Wellness Committee shall meet at least annually to review the progress and to develop an action plan for the coming year as necessary. 


The Wellness Plan will include: education, nutrition, physical activity, spiritual growth and community involvement.


Click here for Bashor's Wellness Plan.



The ­­­­­­­agency supports the health and well-being of staff. They receive annual nutrition training, access to EAP services, and opportunities such as discounted gymnasium memberships. Efforts are made to encourage staff involvement during youth recreational periods, to provide stress relieving activities for them and to provide healthier choices at meals and in the vending machines.


Community Involvement:
Bashor will encourage families to provide physical activities for their children outside the regular school day. We will offer suggestions for implementing physical activities to families, as well as nutrition education activities that youth can share with their families. Youth and their families will be encouraged to join community clubs that promote healthy lifestyles. Bashor will explore and take advantage of opportunities for community partnerships relative to this effort.


Spiritual Growth:

The Chaplain will provide individualized and group spiritual counseling along with education to those children wishing to receive it. Devotions will be part of the daily schedule. Prayer will be offered at meals. Each youth will be provided opportunities for weekly worship. The Serenity Trail is available to staff, youth, and visiting families. ( see spiritual life policy)  

This institution is a an equal opportunity provider.