Community Based Services
This is a no fee community out reach counseling service that provides support, advice and referral assistance to parents, families and children.
Diversion program which reduces recidivism by allowing juveniles to receive consequences for their criminal actions through “peer court” without entering the formal juvenile court system and probation. Juvenile volunteers serve as the attorneys and jury for teen court. Local attorneys act as volunteer “judges”.
Diversion program which reduces recidivism through a one time educational session designed for first time shop lifting offenders while keeping them from entering the formal juvenile courts system and probation. Youth and their parents are required to attend.
Is an educational program designed to teach effective “co-parenting” during the transitions of divorce or separation. It stresses the critical role parents play in their children’s ability to make a healthy adjustment to changes surrounding divorce.
An educational program designed to help children cope with their parents’ divorce or separation. Seasons provides a safe atmosphere where children may realize they are not alone, it’s not their fault and there is hope for the future. For children ages 6-17.
Educational program for severely truant youth and their parents. It is an interactive, one time, three hour class focusing on reasons for truancy, consequences of truancy, and prevention or future truancy.
Guided Family Intervention Program
Short term solution focused family counseling services which is intended to divert low level offenders from the juvenile justice system.
Outpatient counseling services provide counseling for parents and youth ages 6 and up in need of help.