We Can Help
We Can Help

WE CAN HELP! provides free advice, supportive counseling, and assistance in accessing Bashor services or community resources for parents, children, or families in need of help. A dedicated professional is available to talk with you via phone or in person at a location that is convenient for you.


Here are some of the subjects our staff may help address:


  • Substance abuse issues including drugs, alcohol and tobacco 
  • Aggressive and/or violent behavior in the home
  • Truancy or poor performance in school
  • Running away from home
  • Dealing with law enforcement or social service agencies
  • Individual and family counseling opportunities
  • Child abuse and neglect

Bashor Children’s Home wants to help you and your family find answers to these and other issues. Call us at 574-875-5117 and ask for the We Can Help administrator or e-mail at lharrington@bashor.org


You will be connected with a professional staff member who will carefully listen to your issue and offer clear, sound advice. We can help you find answers. We can help you contact agencies or organizations that offer immediate assistance. We can help you find counseling or advice services.        

Advice is free, Peace of mind is priceless.

"My son has become a real handful. He is always angry and his outbursts are getting more and more severe.
I am afraid he will do something to hurt me or himself.”

"My son was arrested last night and the police say they found drugs in the car.  What happens next?  What can I do to help?

“There is a family in my church that really needs some help. This single mother tries hard but her children are just uncontrollable.
I know their financial situation is not good. Is there something you can do?"

"My daughter used to be a really good student but doesn't seem to care anymore.  She skips school often and when she does show up,
she doesn't do the work.  I don't know what's wrong because she won't talk to anyone."

"My daughter keeps running away and I am so worried.  Is there something I can do?"

“I am being told my child is incorrigible. What does that mean? Where can I get some help for him and for us?”


"How do I get my son into Bashor Children's Home?  How much does it cost?  Do I have to go through the courts?"


"I need help with my son.  He is not doing well in school and he has been having behavior problems, too. 
Does he need a special program?  Can I get him tested?"