BASE- Bashor Alternative School Elkhart
BASE- Bashor Alternative School Elkhart

Program Mission

To provide youth with the skills to succeed in public school and in the community; and to empower parents/guardians to be effective advocates for their children

Target Population

Students 1st - 5th grade from the six elementary schools in Elkhart. These students have been identified as not performing well in the public school setting due to behavioral and academic issues. They are not Special Education students, but students who are in need of behavior and academic support.

Treatment Philosophy

BASE instructs and models skills students need to succeed in school and life through a half day program while participating in their home school activities the other half of their day. The staff assists students in learning effective methods and skills in dealing with stress and frustration, anger control strategies, and behavior management skills through the use of the Psychoeducational Model (PEM) and Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS).

Referral Source

Students are referred to BASE through the Elkhart Community Schools and the principals of the participating schools.

Program Features

BASE provides two half day session. There are small classroom settings with licensed instructors and low student/teacher ratio.

Curriculum focuses on Language Arts/Reading and Math, which is provided by the Elkhart Community School system. BASE also provides students with Minds-in-Motion, a maze of different activities that improve a child’s balance, eye-hand coordination and visual skills; all of which are a part of the learning process.
Daily and weekly reporting to parents/guardians, placement agency, and the respective building principals.
Discharge and transition plans and after care services are all provided.
Individual, group and family counseling, case management services, and a behavior specialist.

Minds-in-Motion is offered to enhance academic success through the combination of sensory and motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, and balance, which engages both hemispheres of the student’s brain.

For more information contact:

Karen Hanton
574-343-2147 or khanton@bashor.org